Bard's Eyes

Bard's Eyes is an exploration of interactive performance that brings together live role playing games (RPGs, like Dungeons and Dragons and Call of Cthulhu), virtual reality (VR), and theatrical performance. Combining the imagination and adventure of a live RPG campaign, audiences will be immersed in a virtual environment and be given the agency to forge their own path. We plan to explore and create using Recroom, a free social VR platform, using puzzles and battles where audience members must cooperate to create a memorable experience. In addition, we are exploring how the game can be brought to life around you. The Creative School Innovation Studio incubated this project, and it will be workshopped with audiences in March 2022. The three of us are emerging theatre artists who are craving innovation in the industry. Our collective is made up of Justine, who has knowledge and expertise in VR performance, David, who's skilled in technology and management and Carlyn, who brings imagination and expert design skills to the table.